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alles Eitle philosophy

With the company founding in 2001 it was for shure: we will not join the common price war. In our original branch "Eitle Computer" we are trading only hardware, from which we are convinced in every way. It can happen, that we won't sell anything, before we trade with things, we know there will be problems with.

Also it was clear from the beginning, that we well be a complete supplier. Because of the rasant developement of the internet and the increasing demand of websites, we started our second branch "Eitle Webs". Since we realized at the beginning that there are no really reliable hosters for small businesses, our own webserver was put into operation very soon.

As our IT branch, also the next area of business began as a passion of the company's owner: "Eitle Spiele" offer amusement games in our own gameroom as well as on your locations since 2003 - including service for the games.

For self-promotion in a different kind, "eitle filme" was founded. Filmproductions in smaller or larger style in semiprofessional quality are produced from time to time.

At last "Maßstab 1:1" started as Neulengbachs biggest and specialized bus trading company with LPG busses.

In different words: erverything is moving - everything is eitle. If there is a trading gap which we can close, we just do ist. We start thing usually in a different way than our competition. We try to make it simple.

If you need anything, and you don't know where to get it, just ask us...