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eitle History

Daniel Schmatz starts his apprentice with the company Computer Pionier (today Niedermeyer).
Daniel Schmatz does his finals.
Daniel Schmatz melds the foundation of „Eitle Computer“ by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and
the district commission in St. Pölten..
The office of „Eitle Computer“ is opened under the slogan „Eierspeise mit Mineralwasser“.
Eitle Computer takes over the IT supplyment of the Schulzentrum Neulengbach.
After the business expansion with „Eitle Webs“ the companys name is changed to „Eitle Computer & Eitle Webs“.
Since the new business expansions the name of the company is changed to „alles Eitle by Daniel Schmatz“.
The „Eitle Spielhalle“ opens it's door for the first time.
The fist eitle filme“ Film „das Eitle Lifestylevideo II - der Eitle Spielbus“ has premiere.
Our bus dealing starts with „Maßstab 1:1 - Power auf Rädern“.
With the moster film project „2012“ the store becomes again an office.
The new webportal from „alles Eitle“ is finished.
The business of Cartrading is canceld.
The business of Flim- and Videoproduction is canceld.

Photo: Eitle Computer Office 2001 / ÖAF LU200 #1 / ASCII signtable / Eitler Spielbus v1